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People who collect data of FinanzGmbH MS (“MS Finanz”) on the World Wide Web (“web page MS Finanz”) agree with the following conditions:

People interested

The web page MS Finanz is directed exclusively to natural people and legal entities as partnerships and entities with headquarters in Switzerland.

Intellectual property

The complete content of the web page MS Finanz is protected by copyright. The elements contained in the website are free of charge only for the means of browsing. If a user downloads software or other data from the website of MS Finanz, or reproduces them in another way, all ownership rights remain to MS Finanz.The (complete or partial) reproduction, transmission (by electronic or other means), modification, connection or the use of the web page MS Finanz for public or commercial purposes without prior written acceptance by MS Finance is prohibited.

No offering

The information published on the website of MS Finanz do not constitute an offer or recommendation to purchase a financial product, to perform a legal act or an offering request.

Safety data link and civil liability.

The Internet is open and accessible to all. If a user visits the website of MS Finanz, third parties may draw conclusions about a possible business relationship with existing or future user and MS Finanz.

The transmission of information via the Internet may be subject to malfunctions, delays or errors in the transmission of data that are not influenced by MS Finanz or other service providers. MS Finanz or a provider of information are not responsible for damages or consequential damages that may arise from these defects. Also rejects liability for any loss or damage of any kind that may result from the use of the website and information contained in it. Information this web page may be changed at any time without separate announcement.

If a user activates some links on the website of MS Finanz he eventually leaves the website of MS Finanz. MS Finanz has not reviewed the linked web sites and is not responsible for their content, products and services or other proposals.

Privacy policy

On the website of MS Finanz the user will be prompted several times to communicate information on personal data. If you decide to transfer personal information over the Internet or Mail to MS Finanz these data will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Law.

By contacting MS Finanz  via Internet, email, mail or other, the  user agrees that MS Finanz occasionally sends information about the company or its products and services to its postal or electronic address. The use of customer data for marketing purposes can be rejected at any time.

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