Swiss Small Loan

Small loan rather than great difficulty

The small loan is the ideal solution, when it comes to a small purchase such as a car, a new furniture or a small holiday. A small loan especially costs much less than an open bank account. It is easy to compare the costs of loans online. The online platforms offer small loans that are more affordable compared to your usual bank. The amounts of small loans range between 1500 and 7000 CHF. The second characteristic of small claims is that the payback periods are short.

The small credit is interesting for the purchase of a pc, a washing machine, a new digital camera or a wedding dress.  MS Finanz’ small credits will help you achieve these small dreams you have and will sustain during temporary economic difficulties. You will here receive all the information on small credits and conditions. Sometimes it’s hard to save some money with all the monthly expenses that we already support. In this case a little credit can help you. And now thanks to the Internet, the credit application procedures are simpler. Credits can be obtained easily online from your home. Quickly and without obligation. In this way you should not go to the bank and wait in a queue. MS Finanz makes life easier!



Why a small loan?

Various events in life can lead to brief financial straits. This can happen for several reasons: the car or home need repair, various accidents, additional payment of taxes or fines. To overcome these difficult situations there is a solution: a small loan.

Who does not enjoy a good credit in the bank often has to overcome financial difficulties without the usual immediate credit and especially without safety devices. In these cases, we of MS Finanz can help you. From small loans to finances self: at MS Finanz you always find the best deal.

  • Amount
  •  Duration xx months
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  • Zins in % ca.
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