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The Swiss credit

The Swiss credit is, as its name suggests, from Switzerland. Swiss credits are custom-made small loans, where you receive after a credit assessment (but no entry) the desired credit amount at your disposal.

If you are also interested in a Swiss credit, try our free and non-binding online credit calculator. Here you can find all the necessary information on interest rates, installments and duration.

Reference by law: Granting of a credit is prohibited, if it leads to the overindebtedness of the consumer (article. 3 of the Swiss Federal Act Against Unfair Competition (UWG/LCD)).

Swiss credit online

If we talk about Swiss credits, it is usually about a limited sum. In case of a normal Swiss credit it concerns a sum of approximately CHF 3,500. We have been working with the Swiss credit for a long time. For the Swiss credit your income or your workplace is valid as collateral. The payment of the Swiss credit takes place within a few days by postal service.

Swiss credit for independents

So that you can realize your ideas, independents need financial resources. The banks are rarely prepared to give credits to independents.

Credits to employees who have a fixed monthly income, hold almost no risk in comparison to the independents. In order to easier obtain a credit, independents should work out a concept and go with that to the bank.

Swiss credits

The name Swiss credit is colloquial. The Swiss credits are the most popular type of credits, since it offers the opportunity to get money quickly and easily.

The granting of a credit is regardless of whether a declaration of bankruptcy, default summons or other coercive measures exist against the applicant. The amount of your credit sum depends on the income. The income is at the same time the collateral of the Swiss credit.

Italian credit

Whether Italy is credit worthy has first to be checked. The US rating agency S&P has lowered the rating outlook from “stable” to “negative”. It is true that the dynamics of the public debt are lower in Italy than in Greece, Ireland and Portugal, but you would have to ask yourself whether Italy is capable of reducing the high indebtedness (in the past year: 119 % of the GDP) in the foreseeable future back to a sustainable level. The reform programs presented by the Italian politics for the credits would have to be fulfilled with concrete measures.

Skimming: Credit and Maestro cards

Due to misuse more credit and Maestro cards have to be blocked. The thieves use skimming and other methods. The cash dispensers get replaced in Germany, but in Switzerland, there are more and more fraud cases.

Each one of us uses additionally to money an increasing number of credit, bank or other plastic cards. Before the card slot the thieves install a skimmer, which reads the magnetic strip and stores the information. With the stored credit cards the fraudsters make card copies and use the codes in distant foreign countries in order to get money.

Portugal recession

The news of the last week could certainly have been more satisfactory and who expected that the base rate increase would lead to a short-termed improvement, was rather mistaken. Portugal is on the brink of a recession and the Euro is on a downhill slide. Yesterday the Dollar was again for the first time on the stock exchanges stronger than the Euro itself.

The wait-and-see attitude of the European Central Bank sent the Euro initially in a downward spiral. After the Council of the European Central Bank in Helsinki ECB boss Trichet said, that the European Central Bank would watch closely the price development in the next few weeks. Experts interpret this sentence as a hidden announcement for the next base rate increase in July. After Trichet’s comment the Euro fell again under the mark of 1.47 Dollars.

Swiss credit: Innovative and dynamic

If you are innovative, dynamic and want to stand on your own feet, a Swiss credit is suitable for you. Every independent or self-employed, who was in search of a favorable Swiss credit knows that that is hard work. If we speak of good conditions, it is usually a rarity only.

What are the characteristics of a Swiss credit?

If an independent wants to apply for a Swiss credit, the next step is an assessment of his creditworthiness. Therefore proof of income, such as pay slips or tax statements is needed. The procedure is different for independents. The check is carried out based on other documents, such as the final tax returns.

Obtain a Swiss credit

Have you decided on a Swiss credit? A Swiss credit is especially helpful for people who quickly need money. With a Swiss credit you can quickly get an entry. Let yourself be presented with a non-binding credit offer for a Swiss credit. Convince yourself of our favorable conditions.

Swiss credits for you

In the internet there are by now endless companies, which appear as credit intermediaries. Unfortunately, the number of credit fraudsters is very high in this industry.

For this reason it makes sense, to have a closer inspection of the various credit suppliers. We are already active for years in the credit recruitment industry. In the meantime we enjoy a very good reputation as a Swiss credit company in the segment.

Swiss credit: Normal installment credit

In terms of the form the Swiss credit is an entirely normal installment credit. The Swiss credit is a good alternative to a regular credit. These come as the synonym suggests from Switzerland and must be applied for via the internet. With us, you have a chance to apply for the Swiss credit online and benefit from our favorable conditions.

Yen credit

If you desire foreign currency credits in Japanese Yen, then you look currently with interest at the current exchange rate of the currency. Many financial experts have predicted after the tsunami disaster in Japan a decrease in the Japanese currency.

The rate is currently still stable. There are investors who still hold the Yen stable. But for how long this is still possible, nobody really knows at the moment. Since for the Japanese Yen a strong downward potential to the Euro was predicted, the foreign currency credits in the Japanese currency would benefit greatly.

Credit from the internet

Credits from the internet are highly sought after by most borrowers. There are several advantages: They are often more favorable than the credit offers of the own house bank and because one can apply with little effort directly in the internet.  It is no wonder that the credit market for favorable consumer credits has grown considerably in recent years. Consequently, that led in most established credit institutions to a rethinking process.

IMF credits

The National Council has accepted the credit for the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and thus Switzerland participated in the rescue mechanism for the countries in financial difficulties. Credit of 12 billion Swiss francs was guaranteed, as the parliament agreed. The credit of 2.5 billion increased to 18 billion Swiss francs. The share of Switzerland of the whole credit dropped though from 4.5 to 3 percent. Overall, the IMF-rescue mechanism amounts to 540 billion Swiss francs.

Swiss credit: An alternative to your house bank

If are seeking an alternative to your house bank, then the Swiss credit is the ideal solution for you.  The Swiss credit is also readily available in case of poor creditworthiness assessment and can even be paid out by postal service.

You can immediately apply online for the Swiss credit for the most favorable conditions with us. Swiss credit is suitable for the financing of your dreams: New car, chic furniture, new kitchen, rescheduling, long-distance travels or other financings. There is no limit to your wish list, but for fulfilling the same there is a credit.

Apply for a Swiss credit

If you have a credit, then of course you can understand that a repayment can take very long. It is a blessing if you have the possibility to repay this credit.

Too finally be in debt for lower interest rates, would be a dream come true for you. We’ll make your dream come true if you apply for the Swiss credit with us. With a new credit you settle your debts of the old credit and in fact with the most favorable conditions which you find among credit platforms.

Can anyone apply for a Swiss credit?

Everyone can apply for a Swiss credit, but for it to be approved; some simple conditions should be fulfilled:

  • The applicant for a credit must be at least 18 years of age.
  • He must have a regular income, be an employee, civil servant or soldier.
  • Employees must have been with the current employer at least for a year.

If you fulfill these simple prerequisites, then you can apply today for your Swiss credit here online and you can benefit from our favorable conditions, which we have to offer.

Apply online for a Swiss credit

The so-called Swiss credit originated in Germany not in Switzerland. It is a special small credit, which exists for more than 20 years. You as borrower don’t have to worry about any creditworthiness assessment, because the Swiss credit is applied for online.

Swiss credit application

Ask for a mortgage now and get the answer in 24 hours. Apply for your Swiss credit today and we’ll take immediately care of your Swiss credit application.

Benefit from our credit

You can benefit from our credit and meet your individual wishes. Whether you want to buy a new car or a trip around the world, now everything is possible!

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