What is the meaning of “express credit”?

MS Finanz AG offers you the fastest response times. Once your completed application is received, you will receive within 24 hours the credit decision.

What documents are required for a credit?

In order to apply for a credit, it is sufficient in the first place to fully complete the application. Upon approval of the credit granted by a bank, you must hand in together with the credit agreement * a copy of your identification * copies of the last 3 pay slips. The bank reserves the right to request additional documentation.

Who may apply for a credit?

Everyone may apply for a personal credit, who is in possession of a Swiss passport or a foreign identification card of the category B, C, L and G. The age of the applicant has to be between 18 and 70 years of age. Regardless of the professional situation, the applicant has to have a monthly income of at least CHF 2,300.-.

Does a minimum or maximum credit amount exist?

MS Finanz provides credits from CH 1,000.- to CHF 250,000.-

How high must be the income for a credit?

Your income must be at least CHF 2,300.- net, so that you can apply for a credit.

I already have a credit; can I apply for another one or increase my current credit?

That is basically no problem as far as your budget permits this. You can repay your existing loan with lower interest rates or increase it – we advise you gladly about your possibilities.

Who makes the decision of approval and maximum credit amount?

The approval and the maximum credit amount gets decided by the respective credit bank, that offers the credit.

I have running debt collections/ seizing. What do I do now?

If you have running debt collections and/ or seizing, we can’t apply for a credit for you. You must pay the outstanding debts as soon as possible and must request deletion of your debt collection register by the creditor. Only then a credit can be applied for.

What is a ZEK-code?

ZEK means “Central Credit Information Office”. It gets registered there, if you pay back your credit regularly and properly. If you have a negative ZEK-code, then the bank will not grant you a credit.

I am a cross-border commuter; can I apply for a credit?

Yes, you can. However, you must also meet the following conditions: L-authorization: You must be at least 6 months in Switzerland/ G-authorization: You must be at least 3 years in Switzerland and of these at least 2 years with the same employer.

How much interest do I have to pay?

Based on the information that you filled in your application form, the bank calculates a budget for you, to which your credit will be aligned. The effective annual rate, which varies between 8.25 % and 13.5 %, is based on your creditworthiness assessment. Of course, we gather various offers and provide you with the most favorable offer.

Do I have to clarify what I want to use the money for?

No. You don’t have to inform anyone why you are applying for a credit. That is your decision and doesn’t concern us or the lending bank.