How does it work?

So that you have a clear overview how your credit will be processed by us as efficiently as possible and how it works systematically from the first step “Submit credit application” until the final step “Payment of credit, the following overview can be found:

Step 1: Credit application

schritt1Apply for your desired sum of credit easily and quickly via our website. Send us your documents per mail, fax or post. If you would rather like the application per post, contact us by phone and we will gladly send you the credit form. Afterwards you should fill out the form completely and return it to us with the documents.


Step 2: Processing


Upon receipt of the credit application, the application will be processed properly and discreetly. Processing will be optimally analysed by us so that our clients are able to get the best possible interest. After this step, your application will be submitted at our partner bank and checked.



Step 3: Confirmation

schritt3You will receive a reply within 24 hours of submitting the credit application. After approval we compare the offers and send you the most reasonable credit application with the desired sum for signing at home. Of course, we would like to welcome you at our branch for signing. If you have any questions or if anything is unclear, we will advise you personally at our branch office. A telephone advice service is also possible.


Step 4: Waiting period

schritt4The statutory waiting period is 7 days. However, the statutory waiting period is cancelled for credit amounts from CHF 80,000 and the contract is paid directly.



Schritt 5: Payment


After the statutory waiting period of 7 days has been fulfilled, your credit can be paid out in cash as requested or we will transfer the money to your Swiss bank or Post office account.