How much can I borrow?

The most important information for credit can be found listed here and if there are still any further questions that are not stated here, you may contact us by telephone.

The minimum age is 18 years old and the maximum age is 69 years old, because the credit must be fully paid out by the age of 70.
The minimum income is CHF 2,500 net, because a budget calculation must be made by credit law.
If you have a Swiss passport or residence permit C, no specific provision is determined for a credit application. Whoever has a residence permit B must be at least 6 months in Switzerland. With residence permit L year 1 and somebody with frontier worker’s card G at least 3 years.

Permanent employees, temporary employees, the self-employed and even AHV/IV pensioners (without additional services) get credit from us.
On the basis of further over-indebtedness, no open debt enforcement, certificates of loss or pledges may be entered.

We arrange credit from CHF 3000 – 250,000 and maturities of 6-72 months freely selectable.
The annual percentage rates are already from 7.9% and finally determined for credit depending on credit assessment.
There are no additional fees for the mediation and administration of your credit application.
The most important documents for credit are a copy of a valid passport (Swiss passport, ID or residence permit), copy of the current pay slip (the last three pay slips for hourly wages and the last definite and detailed tax assessment). You will receive a reply within 24 hours upon receipt of the credit application.

The statutory waiting period is 7 days. However, the statutory waiting period is cancelled for credit amounts from CHF 80,000 and the contract is paid directly.
After the statutory waiting period of 7 days has been fulfilled, your credit can be paid out in cash as requested or we will transfer the money to your Swiss bank or Post office account.

Unfortunately, we cannot foresee involuntary unemployment, disability, accident or sickness. Therefore, we recommend you to conclude rate insurance for the credit that has several advantages. We want to look ahead for our clients so that they do not get into financial difficulties and debts in the event of such incidents. Furthermore, you are protected in the event of involuntary unemployment or disability, because they monthly credit rates will be covered by the insurance. The rate insurance can be terminated again.