Personal loan

Personal loan

The personal loan gives you financial freedom at attractive, fixed monthly installments. Secure the benefits, such as the fastest possible payment.

Advantages of a personal loan

So that you can enjoy life. Apply for it today, get it after verification. Discreet and personal. A new car, a contemporary facility with a flat-screen TV, future-oriented training. Just a few of many examples that sweeten life.

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Fulfill dream

With us your dreams come true. Thanks to our personal advice, you will find the loan that is tailored to your situation.

Make dreams come true with a personal loan
We strive to always advise our customers personally and discreetly. There are also customers who are in a particular hurry or who know exactly what they need. We have tailor-made private loans for you, especially for you.
Our online offer of personal loans is put together in such a way that every loan seeker can find a suitable loan offer for himself. Try it for free and without obligation with our loan calculator.

Business credit

Car loan

Car finance and car loan

With our car loan, you fulfill your own wishes.

Most people know the problem when the old car is no longer good or repairs are simply no longer financially profitable for you. We will now clarify the various advantages of car loans.

According to statistics, many tests have shown that buying a car by paying in cash, reducing the price through discounts or price negotiations, and therefore the same car can be financed more cheaply than with a lease. In addition, as a private individual, you can deduct your car loan from taxes, which is only possible for legal entities in leasing contracts. Ultimately, this means that you can benefit from it in the long run.

We were able to show you the advantages and disadvantages where you as a customer can only benefit and therefore drive your dream car with affordable financing.

You can now easily calculate your desired amount on our website using our loan calculator and submit a loan application. If you have any further questions, we are of course also available to you by phone. After you have submitted the application to us, you will receive a first response after 24 hours.

This type of loan is a consumer loan contract that can usually be set at a term of at least six months and a maximum of six years according to customer requirements.

Click here to apply for your car loan immediately and very easily.

Home loan


One of the most important goals in a person’s life has always been to own a home. But creating your own four walls does not only mean finding a place of security and wellbeing.

Your dreams will come true with us!

A real home will always be a place of independence and free determination. Unfortunately, however, many people are prevented from achieving this goal because they fear the associated apparently high financial burdens.

It is our concern that you feel safe when you can then decide how to fulfill your dream of your own four walls.

Prepare well and you will reach your goal faster. How you go about buying a home depends largely on your personal starting point. The first important prerequisite is that you know and define your own needs, options and requirements exactly.


Small loan

Small loans are the best solutions if you need a small purchase.

Small credit instead of difficulties

Small loans are the best solution if you need a small purchase, in the form of a car or new furniture. A small loan is above all cheaper than an overdrafted current account. Online platforms offer you cheaper small loans than your local bank. The sum of the small loans is between 1,500 and 7,000 francs. The repayment terms are short, which is the second characteristic of this type of loan. The small loan is interesting for the purchase of a computer, a washing machine or maybe a new digital camera. Small loans from MS Finanz make small wishes come true and ease your temporary financial difficulties. With us you can find out about small loans and their conditions. Sometimes it is difficult to save something with all the monthly expenses. The small loan will help you further. Nowadays the internet facilitates the whole procedure of applying for a loan. You can easily apply for loans online from home. It’s quick and non-binding. You save yourself the hassle of going to your bank and standing in the boring queue. MS Finanz AG makes your life easier.

Why micro credit?

A number of events in life can lead to small financial constraints. There are numerous causes: renovations to the house or car repairs, accidents of all kinds up to possible additional tax payments and penalties. To overcome these financial bottlenecks, there is a small loan. Those who do not have a good credit rating with the bank often have to deal with such situations without the familiar credit and above all without collateral. In such cases, MS Finanz can help you. From small loans to car loans, MS Finanz loan seekers continue to receive the cheapest offers.

Loan repayment

Business Loan & Loan for Self Employed

You need support to achieve goals. MS Finanz AG supports you step by step with a loan for the self-employed

Business Loan & Loan for Self Employed | Replace existing loans with lower interest rates

If you need a business loan for your company or capital for starting a business, you have come to the right place.

Every beginning is difficult and unfortunately this also applies to those who want to start a new company. However, in order for you to be on the safe side and well prepared for the foundation of the company, you need sufficient equity.

We are happy to provide you with free advice, as well as with questions or ambiguities.

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