Small credit

Small credit rather than difficulties

kleinSmall loans are the best solution if you need a small purchase, in form of a car, new furniture, or a small holiday. A small credit is definitely more favorable than an overdrawn checking account. Online platforms offer you more favorable small credits than your house bank around the corner. The sums of small credits are between 1,500 and 7,000 Swiss francs. The duration of the repayment is short, which is the second characteristic of this type of credit. The small credit is interesting for the purchase of a computer, a washing machine, a new digital camera, or perhaps a wedding dress. The small credit from MS Finanz fulfills your small wishes and eases your temporary financial difficulties. You can inform yourself about the small credits and their conditions through us. It is sometimes difficult, to save anything with all the monthly expenses. This is where the small credit comes into play and helps you further. Today the internet makes the whole procedure of a credit application easier. Credits can easily be applied for online from home. This works completely non-committal, and fast. You save yourself the trouble to go to your bank and stand in a long queue. MS Finanz AG makes your life easier.

Why a small credit?

A number of events in one’s life can lead to small financial difficulties. There are numerous reasons: Repairs of the house or car, accidents of all types to possible exceptional tax payments and penalties. In order to overcome these financial difficulties the small credit exists. The person, who has no good creditworthiness with the bank, has often to deal with such situations often without the familiar emergency credit and especially without collateral. In such cases helps you MS Finanz. Credit seekers receive with MS Finanz from the small credit to a car credit still the most favorable offers.